Using our technology To create the future of the world

with your future life



Our hands to master the art of the world's "most advanced".
With our unique technology
Show electronic precision parts of glamour to the world.

The so-called civilization tool can be said to be the human evidence left by the challenge in the future. Our ancestors, in order to make life more beautiful, use the wisdom and hard work, make the props and the machine more convenient. And we OTIS is to create the world the first precision electronic components manufacturer. We in electronic appliances, automobile and medical devices in the related fields, the independent research and development of technology, using the double-sided adhesive, film and rubber materials, such as functional materials for precision machining. We are committed to making a haven't the most advanced products in the world today.


Deal with a variety of customer requirements, almost all of the processing equipment is our independent research and development design. All these the color of the original machine, unified use can on behalf of my company's technical precision degree of blue. Okayama our imported machining center, wire grain discharge machine, the machine coordinate boring machine, such as to type gold smelting, manufacturing equipment, particularly high produce original products.


We have the ability to solve various problems and guidance to the user. Every day, we will constantly thinking about innovation, accumulated wisdom, and constantly increase their own unique technical ability, the technical ability into excellent productivity. Otis is the most proud of technology of precision stamping mold processing. Die stamping hole composite processing, many laminate processing, special forming, such as a variety of processing technique is also our specialty.


In the ever-changing technological innovation, can put new products into market as soon as possible is the key to success. Otis has signed a contract to start to type gold production, products processing, in the meantime, to the best of the fastest delivery time to pay the goods production system. Moreover, from materials to processing, packing all the production process in the clean room production. We have a high level in quality assurance.


Otis creation's starting point is the spirit of challenge. Adapt to changing times and social demand and create new things is need to have a constant challenge spirit. So we are sure to make the useful to the society or by customers favorite products is need us the enthusiasm of the staff, to work on the ownership of the heart, to the life of meaning and significance of the thorough understanding.



Our products exist in
all kind of electronical products
everywhere around you
in the world.

Otis is everywhere.
Your side must have our.

Otis everywhere.

Otis had various electronic technology products. In real life, it is more than we have imagined a variety of use. For example, smart phones and digital cameras, cars and car navigation, medical equipment and so on all has the appearance of Otis. In order to make life more convenient and quick and comfortable, in the product, Otis using inherent in technology. And, we in these areas in every year, so we have the most advanced technology in the field of many. Among them, spare parts supply for smartphones, down the country and some overseas manufacturers. Now it is already one of the main products of Otis.

We develop and produce the product by various original technology.

Using a variety of unique technology, product development and manufacture of customer needs.


Using a variety of technology of the company independent research and development, producing a variety of film, foil, double-sided adhesive, a variety of material such as heat conduction material. Because of these good processing technology driven, we in various fields produced many creative products. Not only meet the needs of the customer, at the same time also promoted self, provides more products.


We can make all products in unbelievable quick!

All of our work
All is in order to give customers
Send you a satisfactory products.

Otis to provide satisfactory products to customers, we can even provide customers with all aspects of help. Our company will be in the choice of materials, processing methods and cuts proposal, try to work the development design and production of product of mass production, a series of management, implementation of high quality and speed of product supply system. For example, the customer provide the chart data in the morning (DXF), we can design a test that day. We don't escape any commercial trading opportunities.

On the same day, we can produce the product
On the same day, can be set from the department of product processing for the customer to the factory booking list, if signed the sample production, we can use the fastest speed processing production.
In manufacturing, tool production and metallurgy products alone
Because we can be in the club, manufacturing production alone, smelting tool products, so you can quickly delivery and processing challenging products (performance most), also can quickly recover some old products.
All factory imported processing equipment from social development
Of all the factory, including set up factories overseas (China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia) are imported from the social development of the processing equipment. We aspire to make overseas factories and domestic production of consistent product quality, and maintain a stable supply.
The monthly output can reach more than one hundred million
We can also accept the monthly output of one hundred million commodities trade overseas (such as smart phones). And we can do processing of parts does not produce any quality problem, and at the same time can quickly delivery.
Measurement, analysis and please give us
The company also has a lot of determination, the analysis of the device, so we can not only processing production, can also parse, try a few do, experiment, testing analysis case.


Our mission is
supporting the IT future
of the world.

Challenge yourself to dream and romance.
Our starting point is a kind of spirit.
We can make the plane flying in the sky like a bird. At the same time, human also create can explore the mysteries of the universe the rockets. So the starting point is in order to achieve the dream of creating and seeking challenges. Our technology to explore and study, according to our hearts with his own hands to create new technologies and products, to make more people can lead more comfortable life, this is our dream, it is also a kind of romance. We can do it. And only we can do it. The pick up no matter at any time will keep the strong spirit of challenge.


Now we
Okayama centered,
Open factories around Asia.
Otis products is famous in the world.

Otis okayama as central institutions, for the sake of worldwide network of development and building products in Hong Kong, China (Qingdao, suzhou, dongguan), Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia set up factories overseas. In overseas factories, we also can be the fusion feature of various areas, develop unique to Otis trade, contributing to regional efforts. In order to "quality + worldwide development" the balance of two aspects, okayama the society and each region to strengthen the contact, production for the achievement of the plant have high quality and efficient business. Make "made by Otis' products are active on the world stage.

Let's talk about business!

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